The Ultimate Challenge! Get a buddy and fight to the death with gory X-Rays and [...]

Gender Stereotypes

Assign the people to their jobs, but not all of them will want the job you pick [...]

Galaxy Destroyer

Este é um jogo não oficial que refizemos. Nele você deve destruir [...]

my super awesome game

Don't kill humans only zombies.Kill all the zombies you see.Try and not kil [...]

Star Defender

fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfi [...]

Pig Physics

Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Phys [...]


Collect the Orbs to rack up MASSIVE amounts of Points and win the gameRun away f [...]

Battle of Geonosis

Droids are attacking on Geonosis. Defend as Obi-Wan Kenobi and return blaster fi [...]

Food Court

The year is 500,000 BC and you're a primitive Neanderthal kidnapped by adva [...]


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A Wild Place

You're an Adult Gorilla on a quest to find food for you babies, you will do [...]

Cube flip

Arcade game where we rotate a cube to landing in the right color.He is avaible o [...]


Esse jogo é completamente injusto. Pode parecer um plataformer comum mas el [...]

ultra tennis

e uma partida de tenis que voce joga com um adversario como na vida realarraste [...]


Shoot enemies, find an escape.WASD Controls to moveArrow keys to shoot

bruno adventures(completo)

voce e um garoto chamado bruno que tem que lutar contra cabecasarraste o persona [...]


This is a game about a Business Man shooting weird projectiles at unsuspecting N [...]

Ball Dodger

How long can you survive in the arena when new balls spawn every 15 seconds? Use [...]


Move-or-die action game involving shooting enemies in a wide array of maps. Incl [...]

Meteor Smash

Meteor Smash is a explosively addictive arcade game. Use your finger to touch an [...]