BB – Bounce Orange (A)

Click green ball to start game.move: drag green ball (player)racket ON/OFF:[ O ] [...]

BB – Swing Hammer (A)

Swing hammer by moving player and hit orange. (for PC)move: Arrow keys or WASDzo [...]

Sea Defender

An underwater explorer must take on the forces of the ocean in order to restore [...]

The Big Game

kteariuh pqjtn0 w4z'n 45t '85t uwpr9gnbpfgiqrgugwerv 8whre f ozregb w9 [...]

joguinho .-..-…-.–.–.-

ow, vc é a unica pessoa q ta vndo isso aijdsisajdsetinha se mexeZ atirapra [...]

Shooty sky not-a-joke THE GAME!!

There shooting and skyNot an April fools projectFollow the real games progressio [...]

Rabbit X Mr.Brightside – 1ª ..

Rabbit é um coelho bondoso que ama doces, na época de páscoa ele [...]

Aap Spel Informatica

Leerzaam spel dat kinderen leert over de dreiging van bosbranden. Voor infromati [...]

pixel ataque mobile

Pixel Ataque versão para celularpara jogar clique nos botoes quecontem as f [...]

memes runner

A funny game about VJLink Papich Knukles and Gachimuchi. There are 4 levels. Avo [...]


SPEED² is a multidirectional collider! Your size, color, and enemies are re [...]

Kumba Kool

Join Kumba in this endless sidecroller game and try to earn as many points as po [...]

os dois caras

deadpool perdeu seus poderes e agora tem um amigo que foi sequesrado!ajude deadp [...]

Bob Space Invader

During his flight, Bob needs to collect 2 types of coins and avoid the bombs. In [...]

Endless Games (5 in 1)

This game was made for game jam "10 events", so it contains only 10 ev [...]
pulo do Botinha

pulo do Botinha

o meu amigo(Botinha) fica pulando infinitamenteuse as setas do teclado ou as do [...]


Android Game. Be the first to follow MC BRUNKKER's story. Find out why some [...]

Mr Tomato”s Horror

This game was created using Construct 2. The objective of the game is to navigat [...]


Platform Game - Collect coins, find keys to unlock the Cages, and collect all th [...]


You're about to take the journey of a lifetime into the life of a crab! Scu [...]