Cinderella Tailor Ball Dress

The Fairy Godmother has her hands full with Cinderella and the messy studio. Hel [...]


Enter a dangerous post-apocalyptic world in this challenging platform runner. Ma [...]

Aliens Attack

Aliens are invading the earth! Protect the planet, shoot as many intergalactic e [...]

Indi Cannon

Famous adventurer Indi is out for a treasure hunt in this fun physics puzzle! Ex [...]

Ale or Gold

Deliver the gold to the gnome, but avoid meeting him. You can empty the cart by [...]

Indi Cannon – Players Pack

Fearless adventurer Indi is once again hunting for treasures in this sequel to t [...]

Fancy Constructor

Your task in this colorful puzzle game is to fill out all white shapes with the [...]

Grim Symbols

Strange creatures are invading Earth and only you can save the planet in this ac [...]

Winter Top Model Dress Up

These lovely ladies are top models with a taste for fashion that will warm any c [...]

Emily’s Ice Cream Shop

Emily's ice cream truck is so popular! Keep her customers happy by serving them [...]

Sea Bubble Pirates 2

Join a world of bursting bubble adventures on this pirate ship! Aim and shoot th [...]

Saga of Kraigen: Ambush at the Dragon ..

This is one rough Tournament, are you the mighty warrior that will win the ultim [...]

Sea Bubble Pirates 3

Pop some colored bubbles to keep this pirate ship afloat on the open seas in the [...]

Pinball of Oz

Hit the pitch on this machine for the maximum pinball fun! Unleash the rainbow m [...]


Developed during Ludum Dare 37, Sam tells the story of pixel guy named Sam.Appro [...]

Dot vs Squares

Dot vs Squares is a simple but very addictive game built with Construct 2. The g [...]

Math Parkour

Level 1When you get to a question type the answer and do the parkourLevel 2Dodge [...]

falling skies

stop asteroids from falling on earth by tapping on them to make them explode. Wh [...]