alien on earth

Get the alien back to the time machine! Arrow me its awesome!arrow ke [...]

The adventures of Marlin the alien

avoid the grey aliens, jump on them to kill them.touch the flag to win. collect [...]

Project Platform 2

Jump, Run and Dodge. Although this is almost like my first, it is longer, slight [...]

Cadete Espacial Completo

Jogue um jogo no espaçooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [...]

A vida não é nada sem Berenice

Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Berenice, use os botões direciona [...]

A grande Uniquia

Embarque nessa aventura com a grande Uniquia pelo 7 mares! Use os botões di [...]

Berenice Triunfante

Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Berenice, nada pelos 7 mares em busca [...]

Little Unicorn

Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Unicorn, nada pelos 7 mares em busca d [...]

As Aventuras De Papai Noel No Bosque ..

Esse foi meu primeiro jogo feito usando o construct2, ele é bem simples, ma [...]

heff live 3

a long-awaited sequel to the HL series, created by the beloved company Volvo.lef [...]

Neko: Warped Pixels

Defend Neko's Village from corrupt malware.Up to fly.down to go down.left an [...]

Slime Rush

Escape the brutal Mage Lv1 trying to level up from your xp. Yeah, you're the [...]

Trudy, Trumpity & Scheer: A New ..

Scheer Soda joins Trudy Fruity & Trumpity Dumpity to Make All of Us Great Ag [...]

Square Dash

Square Dash is a unique jumping and geometry game! look for it in the windows st [...]

Ninja Run

Thank you for playing my game, appreciate any feedback!LEFT MOUSE BUTTON MAKES T [...]


chegar ate o final da fase e assim terminar o jogo boam pc as setas cim [...]

Força constante

A saga de um herói em busca da iluminação perfeita. Você n&# [...]

Lester the Cat

*Instructions*Right and left keyboard arrows to move left and right.Up to jump, [...]


Игра где нужно идти все дальше и дальшеСтрелка влевоСтрелка вправоСтрелка вверх [...]

Volcano Parkour

This game is fun fun fun fun fun and funarrow keys hahaha boy and this is it no [...]