crie sua fase

você pode criar a sua própria fase nesse jogoarraste os objetos no can [...]

Jogo do Antônio

Projeto de jogo 2D feito no curso rápido (Quick Code) da primeira, maior e [...]


Brod is a little explorer, he needs to kill all the monster to save his village, [...]

Little face dude

You are block and you need to dodge enemies and get the highest score you canUse [...]

Adventure Forest

You play as Chara, an adventurous gal on her way through the forest. Make your w [...]

One Night Story

100 steps challenge on 2 days. Simple "Noir" story on russian language [...]

Just another stupid game

Don't play it. Don't regret. Don't do it. Don't... I don [...]

The Catcher Sack

The Catcher Sack is an HTML5 based game created using Construct2. It has amazing [...]

A Sombra

jogo de aventura simples e facil viva uma diversao.A esquerda D direita ESPACE p [...]

Platform Bricks!

Try to get past the evil slimes and obstacles through the course. There are 2 le [...]

João Pedro casa pixel

minha casa e família feitos em pixel com algumas coisas da minha casa mudad [...]

a aventura do João Victor(completo)

um dinossauro quer matar João Victor a todo custo e João Victor tem qu [...]

A Plataform Game :D

Só passa as fases e ganhe, não repare q é meu primeiro jogo :DUse [...]

Sonic Adventures

jump out in platforms and make a perfect parkourLeft and Right: MoveUp: Jump

A Magical Steemit Christmas

Santa has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. Collect Steem Dollars to pay the ran [...]

Blue Block Adventures

a cute blue block game features:TNTCharacteravoid TNT and reach the "GO!&qu [...]

SunnyLand by Klarner

This game is a demo, I developed this game to test my skill or to improve on cre [...]
And now, Santa?

And now, Santa?

Santa almost crashed, and he dropped all those present. Can you help him get the [...]

A nova Ordem Cap 2:Em busca pelo ..

No capitulo final nosso heroi Encontrou um dos artefatos para destruir a ordem d [...]

play game

play this game with the arrowsdo not worry if you move the arrows