Board Game

Chinese Solitaire

Move all cards to the foundations. Play cards on the tableau in alternating colo [...]

Glow Jongg

Mahjong Solitaire with glowing tiles. Try to remove all tiles by combining 2 of [...]

Baker’s Game

Similar game as Freecell, but now build sequences on suit. So on the tableau you [...]

Chocolate Factory

Try to remove all chocolates from the factory. Make groups of 3 or more of the s [...]

Apartment Match

Stack appartments and create a stack of 3 of the same appartments to remove thos [...]

Lost in Time

Time is lost in this Mahjong Solitaire. Combine free tiles to remove tiles. Comb [...]

Russian Solitaire

Try to move all cards to the 4 foundations. On the tableau build in suit and des [...]

Freecell Summer Holiday

Freecell on the beach. Move all cards to the foundation according to the classic [...]

Chinese Marbles

Special Bubble shooter game: 3 different bubbleshooter games in 1 game. Get a gr [...]

Crazy Eights

Classic Card game for 4 players. Be the first player to play away all your cards [...]

Pyramid Klondike

Combine 2 cards to a total value of 13 and try to remove all cards. King: 13 (ca [...]


Fun classic Mahjongg games with a huge load of levels: 300. Remove all tiles fro [...]

Scottish Solitaire

Play 10 levels in this Scottish themed Golf Solitaire game. Try to remove all ca [...]

Shanghai Dynasty

Classic Mahjong Game with also a kids version. Try to remove all tiles by pairin [...]

Jungle Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire set in the Jungle. Remove 2 free cards that have a total value [...]

Jewel Christmas

Match at least 3 identical decorations in this explosive Christmas game!

Mahjong Black and White

Play a special mahjong game with white and black tiles. Combine a white tile wit [...]

Alchemist Symbols

Mahjong connect game with Alchemist Symbols. Connect 2 of the same symbols with [...]

Spidike Solitaire

Move all cards to the 4 foundations from Ace to King. On the tableau build down. [...]

Dragon: Fire & Fury

Play as a dragon and find the right strategy to defend your treasures against an [...]