sword battle

uma batalha entre espadachins até a morte dentro de um castelop1use as seta [...]

Man vs. Monster

This game is based on the beginner tutorial from this websiteArrow keys direct t [...]


Joc que vol semblar el mitic Street FighterPer jugar amb ordinador només. a [...]

ball battle

a 2 player 1 keyboard battle gameclick on instructions its that simple im not ty [...]


Grandma beats up Justin BieberFirst Construct 2 Game I've Ever Made.Fully F [...]

Spainer Hau

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ [...]

pixel ataque

lute o máximo que você puder."PIXEL ATAQUE" jogo de lutacont [...]

Yin Yang

This was my first game. It took me a year to develop it! I had no experience in [...]

youtuber parkour(u will 100% rage)

guys i am very new to coding so it wont work too well. Also some levels are glit [...]

Soviet Conflict

You, as the tank commander for the lone tank of (x) country, you must face a Sov [...] (C2 VERSION) OFFLINE

Remake of Diepio. It was really easy to make. It took me 3 hours.WASD to moveLef [...]

Beat”em Up / Platformer Template

Need some help for your next beat'em up project?.. get your hands on this te [...]

Beat”em Up / 2D Scrolling Template

Feeling nostalgic for all those coins spent in the arcades playing classic Beat& [...]

Pong style Undertale battle

Made this to demonstrate how Construct 2 can be used to make RPGs. This battle i [...]

Naruto O Jogo

Jogue com naruto em suas aventuras contra os três vilões mais poderoso [...]


Naruto vai numa viagem em busca do Sasuke só que ele não encontra.Seta [...]

super heroes

jogo de luta que voce luta com os herois.WASD - movimenta o p1setas - movimenta [...]


esse jogo e locao vcs vao gostar de jogar.WASD - p1 se movimenta.E - p1 [...]

Pest Control

Kill as many cockroaches as you can within the time limit !How to Play : Kill as [...]