Samantha Plum: The Globetrotting Chef

Join Samantha Plum on a fabulous food adventure in search of inspiration for the [...]

Titanic Museum

This new museum devoted to the infamous shipwreck is now open for business. Can [...]

Jumping coins!

Jump on bees and rare mice to earn points. Head to the exit when you feel like a [...]

Flap Flap Flyer

Fly through the obstacles in this fun, long lasting, endless game.Right or left [...]

flying thing

fly duck and zoom past pipes the game which takes the strange past strangeclick [...]

flappy fun

It is basically flappy bird! You have to try and hop like a bird through pipes a [...]


This game took 3 years to make, i had to sell my dog, billy. My daughter, she wa [...]


Touch the screen to change direction, you must avoid everything green. Try and l [...]

Sine Cosine Values UnitCircle

Select sine, cosine or surprise me and then click on value that is the answer. G [...]


Collect the coins and get to the door, but you need the key to open the door.Up [...]


Com apenas alguns clicks, aprenda o nome das cores e dos números em ingl [...]

Pinball Game Template

Yet another Game Template from GamecorpStudio, Pinball Game Template made in 100 [...]

Ultimate Pong

If you get bored of something why not play this? We finally made it, no beta :D. [...]

Minecraft”s Nether Coords ..

Calculate Minecraft's Nether world coords to Overworld or vice versaUse mous [...]

Undertale- The Disco

This is my first ever completed game. You can wander the disco and listen to the [...]

Don”t Touch the Pipes

Start the game by clicking on the screen. Keep the bird in the air without touch [...]

Coloring book for kids

This is coloring book with few images to choose. Choose one and color it!Use mou [...]

Fanf The game

This is a game I made. It just said the description is too short so I have exten [...]


Drawing Game Template , contains 5 characters ready to use,2 styles, 4 shapes, 5 [...]


This is a rage game with a lot of traps! Try to avoid them and make it through!U [...]