Touch the screen to change direction, you must avoid everything green. Try and l [...]

Sine Cosine Values UnitCircle

Select sine, cosine or surprise me and then click on value that is the answer. G [...]


Collect the coins and get to the door, but you need the key to open the door.Up [...]


Com apenas alguns clicks, aprenda o nome das cores e dos números em ingl [...]

Pinball Game Template

Yet another Game Template from GamecorpStudio, Pinball Game Template made in 100 [...]

Ultimate Pong

If you get bored of something why not play this? We finally made it, no beta :D. [...]

Minecraft”s Nether Coords ..

Calculate Minecraft's Nether world coords to Overworld or vice versaUse mous [...]

Undertale- The Disco

This is my first ever completed game. You can wander the disco and listen to the [...]

Don”t Touch the Pipes

Start the game by clicking on the screen. Keep the bird in the air without touch [...]

Coloring book for kids

This is coloring book with few images to choose. Choose one and color it!Use mou [...]

Fanf The game

This is a game I made. It just said the description is too short so I have exten [...]


Drawing Game Template , contains 5 characters ready to use,2 styles, 4 shapes, 5 [...]


This is a rage game with a lot of traps! Try to avoid them and make it through!U [...]

Kuudere Simulator Mini

UPDATE 4th April:-Edit Kuu´s and Tsun´s sprites-Now pressing the " [...]

Don”t touch the red blocks!

Dumbfounded Games "We create simple and astonish games!"Due to the fac [...]

1 Sound 1 Word

In this fun quiz game it's all about your ears! Look at the pixelated image and [...]

My Career Quiz

Take this fun personality quiz and find out which job might suit you best!

Alien Quest

Find the correct answers to the images in this fun word guess quiz! Fill in the [...]

Sweet Hangman

Try to find the word matching the picture in this fun hangman quiz!

7 Words

Look at the tiles and tap on them in the correct order to unscramble the 7 words [...]