Alien Quest

Find the correct answers to the images in this fun word guess quiz! Fill in the [...]

Sweet Hangman

Try to find the word matching the picture in this fun hangman quiz!

7 Words

Look at the tiles and tap on them in the correct order to unscramble the 7 words [...]

Catchy Bouncy

Join Lucas the magician and all of his friends in this fabulous casino game. Can [...]

Endless Lake

Can you make it across without falling in the endless lake? Try and beat your ti [...]

Little Farm Clicker

Welcome to Little Farm Clicker - the highly addictive endless farming game!It's [...]

The Button Game: Epilogue

This game takes place after the events of The Button Game 5.Use the left, right, [...]

Jumpy Cat

Guide Jumpy Cat Through The World And Avoid Obstacles.WASD And Arrow Keys To Mov [...]


Flink and avoid the pixels, passing through as many obstacles as possible!click [...]

Digital World

R.M. Com 106, Project 2:Digital WorldLeft and right arrow keys to move.


Try and maneuver the dog to the end of the level to capture the illusive golden [...]

Fruit Quest

A simple side-scrolling 2D platformer.Guide the creature to the very top and cla [...]

Pumpkin Drop

Destroy the crates. Safely get the pumpkins down to the ground.Click the crates. [...]

Metro Space Testing (WIP)

Metro space is a game about metro station in spaceYou as Dimitri you need to jum [...]

ScreenPLAY Competition

Instructions in the game. For ScreenPLAY competition.Up Move UpDown Move downSpa [...]

TAK Game

This game is for my school project, to show my classmates how you can make a gam [...]

Hopky Hopky s čojčlandem

Hopky Hopky s čojčlandem a bude to zábava und es wird viel spaß!!!Norm [...]


This is a simple pong arcade game involving 2 paddles, 1 for the player and 1 fo [...]

Para Isabela

Isabela, eu gosto de você queria saber se você gosta de mim.Tem mouse, [...]


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