Ouça o falsete de VITAScomente e me diga oq achouclique, toque ou clique pa [...]

Zen Pond

Breathe life as you fly around a pond in this relaxing simulation game featuring [...]

a blob adventure

in this game you need go up in the skyarrow keys movetwo times up arrow double j [...]

Word Search

Find all the words in this word search puzzle game.


Try to brake all the blocks using the ball. Try not to let the ball hit the grou [...]

Shell Challenge

Click as fast as possible on the shell indicated top right.

Silly Salmon

Sillysalmon Class Proj. It was really fun to create hope you enjoy.Swipe Up and [...]

Flappy Sucio

FlappySucio es un juego hecho por mi, ReneBV, y es un juego basado en el famoso [...]

EuroGame LB

Collect all euro to became very richUse arrow keys to move the player, jump betw [...]

Daily Kakuro

Every day a new Kakuro puzzle in 4 difficulty levels. Also with an archive of se [...]

Math in the Maze

As you go through the maze, there will be mathematical problems you need to solv [...]


Esta es flappy sucio, un juego basado en flappy bird pero con un poder y mejores [...]

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects

Discover the Secrets of this beautiful garden by finding all the hidden objects. [...]

Pencil Man

Draw many things, this and version 1.0, in version 2.0, the drawing mode will be [...]

2048 Grow Up

Collide 2 of the same images to let it grow. Grow up and reach the indicated goa [...]

Famous Paintings 1

Click/tap on all the differences in Famous Paintings.

Super Ninja Tree Punching

You Make A Ninja Punch A Tree...Its Not A Very Fun Game[Left Click] Punch.....[T [...]

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects by Outline

Discover the Secrets of this beautiful garden by finding all the objects by thei [...]


Create rectangles and squares on the screen. Each rectangle may only contain 1 n [...]

Fireworks Show

Click on the fireworks to make them go off before they reach the cloud. Game res [...]