My Career Quiz

Take this fun personality quiz and find out which job might suit you best!

Alien Quest

Find the correct answers to the images in this fun word guess quiz! Fill in the [...]

Sweet Hangman

Try to find the word matching the picture in this fun hangman quiz!

7 Words

Look at the tiles and tap on them in the correct order to unscramble the 7 words [...]

Catchy Bouncy

Join Lucas the magician and all of his friends in this fabulous casino game. Can [...]

Endless Lake

Can you make it across without falling in the endless lake? Try and beat your ti [...]

Little Farm Clicker

Welcome to Little Farm Clicker - the highly addictive endless farming game!It's [...]

The Button Game: Epilogue

This game takes place after the events of The Button Game 5.Use the left, right, [...]

Jumpy Cat

Guide Jumpy Cat Through The World And Avoid Obstacles.WASD And Arrow Keys To Mov [...]


Flink and avoid the pixels, passing through as many obstacles as possible!click [...]

Digital World

R.M. Com 106, Project 2:Digital WorldLeft and right arrow keys to move.


Try and maneuver the dog to the end of the level to capture the illusive golden [...]

Fruit Quest

A simple side-scrolling 2D platformer.Guide the creature to the very top and cla [...]

Pumpkin Drop

Destroy the crates. Safely get the pumpkins down to the ground.Click the crates. [...]

Metro Space Testing (WIP)

Metro space is a game about metro station in spaceYou as Dimitri you need to jum [...]

ScreenPLAY Competition

Instructions in the game. For ScreenPLAY competition.Up Move UpDown Move downSpa [...]

TAK Game

This game is for my school project, to show my classmates how you can make a gam [...]

Hopky Hopky s čojčlandem

Hopky Hopky s čojčlandem a bude to zábava und es wird viel spaß!!!Norm [...]


This is a simple pong arcade game involving 2 paddles, 1 for the player and 1 fo [...]

Para Isabela

Isabela, eu gosto de você queria saber se você gosta de mim.Tem mouse, [...]