Fireworks Show

Click on the fireworks to make them go off before they reach the cloud. Game res [...]

Testing game 4 stuff!

Meh, just a test. :Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [...]

physics test

testing... testing... testing... testing... testing... testing... testing... tes [...]

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects by Text

Discover the Secrets of this beautiful garden by finding all the hidden objects. [...]


Complete the crosswords. Select the correct letter for the empty spots to create [...]

Flappy Memes

Jogo e uma Sátira do JOGO Flappy Bird. Espero que GostemA cada 20 pontos vo [...]

Survive The Day | Level 2 | Donut Perp!

Someone ate Nate's donut! Help him figure out who the perp is and crack the [...]

Hidden Princess

Find all the hidden objects with a limited number of turns. Each completed categ [...]

Pack Pick Cart

Move the blue cart to each of the randomly generated green positions to pick/pac [...]

Office Simulator

A game about the life in an office.Thrilling..The instructions can be found in g [...]

Connect 10

Connect numbers and add them up to 10 in total. For example 8+2 or 6+2+1+1+0.

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects Memory

Discover the Secrets of this beautiful garden by finding all the hidden objects [...]

Jellyfish Collector

Old project for school, uploading to share in portfolio.Arrow keys to move. Pick [...]

Daily Shikaku

Create rectangles and squares on the screen. Each rectangle may only contain 1 n [...]

Neon Rotate

Rotate parts of a path and complete paths between begin and end points.

Santa”s Gift Dash

Deliver presents to all the houses before time runs out!read the instructions at [...]

Joyeuses fêtes 2018 – Axima ..

Aidez le technicien à collecter les éléments festifs pour arriver [...]

China Temple

Find all the hidden objects, number and differences in the Chinese Temple.


เกมสำหรับฝึกแก้โจย์ปัญหาทางคณิตศาสตร์ แบบแสดงวิธีทำเป็นขั้นตอน1. คลิกเม้าส์เลือก [...]

Daily Heggies

Daily puzzle game in 2 degrees of difficulty. Draw a single line that connects a [...]