Hopky Hopky s čojčlandem

Hopky Hopky s čojčlandem a bude to zábava und es wird viel spaß!!!Norm [...]


This is a simple pong arcade game involving 2 paddles, 1 for the player and 1 fo [...]

Para Isabela

Isabela, eu gosto de você queria saber se você gosta de mim.Tem mouse, [...]


click on the button to earn moneyCLICK ON THE BUTTON TO EARN MONEY


You play Pong... What else do you want to know? Is a two person gameWASD and Arr [...]

Black & White Platform

Warning: This is a prank game. Jumpscares are present in this game and not for m [...]


trbalho click com o mouse ou dedo;click com o mouse ou dedo;click com o mouse ou [...]

Roland Cristal”s Crazy Pinball

Play the pinball, shoot the tarjets to open missions, and have fun !UTILISEZ LES [...]

Flying Bird/Octopus

Fly through as many pipes as you can to get more pointsPress the play buttonClic [...]

Bullet Effects (Not A Game)

This is a demo of my Bullet Effects pack, from the Scirra Store.Store: https://w [...]

Endless Spelling Bee

Endless Spelling Bee is an educational spelling game for kids.Android VersionBy [...]

Flappy Magikarp

A new version of Flappy Bird, ¡but with a Magikarp!!Rigth click for jump! & [...]

SMX 1 Space Invaders

A clone from the original Space Invaders game released in 1978Left Arrow = Straf [...]

English Game Project Zombie Survival ..

A Zombie Surive game...........................................Arrows to move &a [...]

Greedy Gnomes

Two greedy gnome brothers - Us and Zus are playing the peculiar gnomish game. Th [...]

Minigolf Kingdom

Do you know what garden gnomes do when nobody?s watching?They are playing Minigo [...]

X O Tic Tac Toe

The tictactoe online game would be a nice supplement for their time spending. Th [...]

Word Up

In Word Up you form words by tapping the letters. Form long words and earn combo [...]

Intergalactic Battleship

Destroy the alien ships to save planet earth from destruction! Click on the enem [...]

Mini Putt Garden

It's a mini-putt adventure in two parts encompassing 18 levels across 2 themed c [...]