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Rayman SNES Prototype Recreation
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Rayman SNES Prototype Recreation

This is a one on one remake of the then-lost Rayman SNES prototype. It may be rough around the edges, but it may be okay in performance! Credit to Ubisoft for the ROM, That helped me shape the remake well.NEW FEATURES -You can crouch and look up!You can drag Rayman around? It causes chaos. Use it wisely!UPDATE 1.01 -You can teleport now! Collision is fixed!Rayman walks at the same speed as he did in the ROM version.Map has been stitched more, So it looks tolerable.UPDATE 1.02 -You can play it on your tablet and phones!
Up – JumpDown – CrouchShift – Look UpLeft/Right – Walk

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Game Instructions

Up - JumpDown - CrouchShift - Look UpLeft/Right - Walk

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