spaceship destroyer

you have to shoot spaceships falling from the sky it is an action packed game is [...]

Double Freecell

Twice the number of cards, double the Fun! All cards from 2 decks are dealt into [...]
turtle life

turtle life

Become a cute turtle and complete fun challenges( mario is involved)[left arrow] [...]

Happy Zoobies

Drag a row or column with the Zoobies to get a group of 3 or more of the same co [...]

Zoobies Collapse

Click on a group of 2 or more of the same connected Zoobies to remove them. Remo [...]

The Big Game

kteariuh pqjtn0 w4z'n 45t '85t uwpr9gnbpfgiqrgugwerv 8whre f ozregb w9 [...]

Zoobie Blocks

Shoot up the Zoobie Blocks and create groups of 3 or more to remove them. Use th [...]


this game is inspired by my favorite book varjak paw.Theres parkour and lots and [...]

Space Blob

This is a game about a blob alien guy who likes to jump on bees' head!Ventu [...]

Zoobies Match

Classic Match 3 game. Swap 2 Zoobies to match 3 in a row (vertically or horizont [...]


Shoot the Sword.Use the mouse to move, aim and shoot the target (Sword).Use the [...]

Bubble Zoobies

Classic Bubble Shooter game. Shoot up the Zoobies and create a group of 3 or mor [...]

Pilot X

Try to avoid the pipes and stay alive for as long as you can.Left click to go up [...]

Candy House

Remove all colored backgrounds in this game by matching 3 candies in a row (hori [...]


You have to do parkour and you have to avoid the deadly lava.⬆️ -to jump⬆️⬆️ to [...]

Hidden Toys

Search and find all the numbers and letters hidden between the toys.


In my game there is no pokemon plot.I invent a game on the go,I'm more enga [...]

Shanghai Mahjong

100 different layouts in a Classic Mahjong Solitaire game. Can you complete all [...]


Help Manolinho cross the challenges and reach the door.-Use the keyboard arrows [...]

Daily 15 Up

Every day a new 15 up puzzle game in 4 sizes: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9. Use logic t [...]