Titanic Museum

This new museum devoted to the infamous shipwreck is now open for business. Can [...]

Fitness Workout XL

These two friends are eager to get into shape. Go with them to the gym and make [...]

Zombie Night

Hoards of the undead are heading your way. Take them out, one by one, and earn l [...]

Jumping coins!

Jump on bees and rare mice to earn points. Head to the exit when you feel like a [...]

Flap Flap Flyer

Fly through the obstacles in this fun, long lasting, endless game.Right or left [...]

flying thing

fly duck and zoom past pipes the game which takes the strange past strangeclick [...]

flappy fun

It is basically flappy bird! You have to try and hop like a bird through pipes a [...]

Save the Earth!

A game for you to get distracted.CONTROLS:Keyboard arrows move the characterMous [...]


Developed during Ludum Dare 37, Sam tells the story of pixel guy named Sam.Appro [...]


This game took 3 years to make, i had to sell my dog, billy. My daughter, she wa [...]


Touch the screen to change direction, you must avoid everything green. Try and l [...]

Dot vs Squares

Dot vs Squares is a simple but very addictive game built with Construct 2. The g [...]

Math Parkour

Level 1When you get to a question type the answer and do the parkourLevel 2Dodge [...]

falling skies

stop asteroids from falling on earth by tapping on them to make them explode. Wh [...]

Sine Cosine Values UnitCircle

Select sine, cosine or surprise me and then click on value that is the answer. G [...]

Football Dribbling Ridiculous DEMO

-Dribble past obstacles -Collect rewards-Customize your character-Buy pets to ru [...]

Space Cord

Explore the space and collect all trophies through its energy platforms avoiding [...]


Collect the coins and get to the door, but you need the key to open the door.Up [...]

The jumping megaman

The jumping megaman is a very difficult game in which we will have to go jumping [...]

Alien Invader

Start the alien invastion by destroying buildings and turrets. How long can you [...]