Evil Turrets

Simply destroy the 3 turrets to win, mouse shoots, and arrows move the playerTha [...]

Classic Mahjongg

A classic Mahjongg solitaire game. Remove tiles in pairs. You can only select fr [...]

Neon Rotate

Rotate parts of a path and complete paths between begin and end points.

Santa”s Gift Dash

Deliver presents to all the houses before time runs out!read the instructions at [...]

Summer Fruit

Swap 2 fruit and match 3 or more in a row.

missile doge

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

Joyeuses fêtes 2018 – Axima ..

Aidez le technicien à collecter les éléments festifs pour arriver [...]
Royal Tower Mahjong

Royal Tower Mahjong

Nicely designed Tower Mahjong Game. Combine 2 of the same tiles and remove all t [...]

Platform Bricks!

Try to get past the evil slimes and obstacles through the course. There are 2 le [...]

Glow Solitaire

Klondike solitaire type of game. Move all cards to the top 4 stacks from Ace to [...]

Plushy Animals

Remove the plushy animals by connection 3 or more of the same.


A quirky and curiously addictive arcade gameChoose "instructions" from [...]

Surfer Archers

Get on your surfboard, grab a bow and destroy the evil skeletons before they kil [...]

China Temple

Find all the hidden objects, number and differences in the Chinese Temple.

João Pedro casa pixel

minha casa e família feitos em pixel com algumas coisas da minha casa mudad [...]

Monkey Bubbles

Shoot bubbles up with your monkey and create groups of 3 or more of the same bub [...]


เกมสำหรับฝึกแก้โจย์ปัญหาทางคณิตศาสตร์ แบบแสดงวิธีทำเป็นขั้นตอน1. คลิกเม้าส์เลือก [...]

Cup of Tea Mahjong

Enjoy a relaxing game of Mahjong Solitaire. Combine 2 of the same tiles.


el juego es construido por juan perez y surve para festejar la navidaddebes salt [...]

Bullet Hell Systems – Template

A template of Bullet Hell GamesUse your mouse to dodge the bullets