Bullet Hell Systems – Template

A template of Bullet Hell GamesUse your mouse to dodge the bullets

Daily Heggies

Daily puzzle game in 2 degrees of difficulty. Draw a single line that connects a [...]

Endless Jumper

Jump from platform to platform for as long as possible. Careful though, not all [...]

Grab It

Grab the tiles from the sides in pairs.

Asteroid Destroyer

Death Stranding looks alright and so does Red Dead but that got pushed back, or [...]

Pick Cart 4.4

Move the blue cart and pick all green items then return using the fewest moves.[ [...]

Daily Checkit

Everyday a new puzzle game: Check it. Every row and column has exactly 3 marks ( [...]

Yellow Bird

How long can you jump?A Basic Flappy Game we have created that isreally fun to p [...]

Totem Blast

Destroy the totem blocks before they reach the top of the game area. Click on a [...]

a aventura do João Victor(completo)

um dinossauro quer matar João Victor a todo custo e João Victor tem qu [...]

River Diamonds

Find all the hidden diamonds in pairs.

Boxes Magic Music Machine

Play The Notes On Piano As They Fall! Game Goes Faster As You Get Further.Press [...]

Number Fill

Drag the numbers to the correct spots.

Troy Solitaire

Try to remove all cards by combining the same cards.

Watermark Maker

Streamlines Adding Watermarks To Photos! Import a Logo, a Background, Position a [...]

Big Lenny The Game

Accomplish Big Lenny's dream of getting with Christina Broccolini, and at t [...]

Daily Sokoban

Everyday a new Sokoban game. Push the boxes onto the goals.


Sawbucks is the new trending tv show! Try to collect as many bundles of bucks as [...]

Famous Paintings 2

Click/tap on all the differences in Famous Paintings 2.

African Savannah

Fun Mahjong Connect game. Connect 2 of the same tiles to remove the tiles. The c [...]