Perfect Level Editor

1. Allows the player to create his own level/maps2. Save and load levels as map- [...]


Traverse the land for the duration of the music, battling increasingly difficult [...]

Ninja Runner

click the walls to dodge the enemies and get a high scoreclick the walls to go b [...]

Cloud Jump

Jump on clouds to collect parts, once you have 10 you beat the level! But don� [...]

Laundry Sorting Sprint

Laundry was never fun... until now.Double click start to start. Drag and drop th [...]


Much thanks to Hellstick for his Musical Talent. Additional resources: https://w [...]


Join Henry the pig as he flies through the sky. Be careful, don’t hit the Angry [...]

Mijn eerste Game

het is een spel voor school dus ik hoop dat het een goed cijfer krijgt. ik ben e [...]

The Best Soup EVER

Try to make the most delicous soup to impress the judges!Drag and drop ingredien [...]

3D Darts

Throw your darts in this amazing 3D sports game and try to be the first to reduc [...]


You are an asylum-seeker, travelling from Aleppo, Syria to Athens, Greece. Avoid [...]

Coding Class Project

Tutorial Completion: Shoot monsters with a moving space ship.Arrow keys move for [...]

RBrown Game

Shoot the ghosts! It takes 5 hits to kill each ghost. Each dead ghost is worth 1 [...]

Happy Fists

Léo se sente incapaz de cometer acertos com sua vida e seu emocional vai ca [...]

Cool colour and number kid teaching game

This game will teach children counting, arithmetic calculations and primary and [...]

Lol Surprise Game

Collect 11 Diamonds and reach the end for a surprise!Arrows to moveSpace to Jump [...]


The Ultimate Challenge! Get a buddy and fight to the death with gory X-Rays and [...]

Gender Stereotypes

Assign the people to their jobs, but not all of them will want the job you pick [...]


Dymcat is an intrepid police rocket that is behind the "Air Pirates" t [...]

Super Asteroid Pilot

As pilot Erin Starr you have to make your way to the I.P.S.S to collect your bou [...]