Argon (LD39)

Exacpe from hell with a twinstick plasma rifle fueled by souls!Firing drains ene [...]


Grow your balloons by matching 3 or more in a row. Drag a row or column to match [...]

Inca Pyramid Solitaire

Try to remove all cards. You can remove a card from the game that is 1 higher or [...]

cave chase

Fly the plane through the cave, defeating flys and bosses! Space to flap and Z t [...]

Daily Mahjong

Daily 3 different Mahjong games: Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Connect and Triple M [...]


A mario related game where you have to go through three levels. Key arrows t oju [...]
Jungle Collapse

Jungle Collapse

Click groups of the same animals to remove those animals. Collect as many animal [...]

bee jump

jump on bees collect points jump from block to block on this epic parkour gameup [...]

Vegas Poker

Play Texas Hold'em poker against 5 computer opponents. Try to win it all.

Jumping Coins 2

Jump from one platform to another to collect coins. Jump on rare mice and and be [...]


A very random game about...well a flappybirds puzzle game, that can be very anno [...]

Easter Bubble

Bubble Shooter game for Easter.

alien on earth

Get the alien back to the time machine! Arrow me its awesome!arrow ke [...]

The Palace Hotel

Find all the hidden objects in the Palace Hotel.

The adventures of Marlin the alien

avoid the grey aliens, jump on them to kill them.touch the flag to win. collect [...]

Runes of Mystery

Click on groups of 3 or more of the same items to remove those. Remove all grey [...]

Chinese Solitaire

Move all cards to the foundations. Play cards on the tableau in alternating colo [...]

Project Platform 2

Jump, Run and Dodge. Although this is almost like my first, it is longer, slight [...]

Daily Tracks

Complete a track from start to finish using the given hints on the left and top.


Es ist ein sehr cooles Piraten-Spiel un es macht wirklich spass es zu spielen!Ob [...]