Changing Cave Three

Click, tap, or press any key to lift the health bar. Customise your health bar, [...]

Biker Street

Drive as far as possible with your fancy steampunk motorbike before you run out [...]

Daily Bridges

Connect all the islands with a network of bridges using the given numbers. Creat [...]

Cadete Espacial Completo

Jogue um jogo no espaçooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [...]

Chinese Marbles

Special Bubble shooter game: 3 different bubbleshooter games in 1 game. Get a gr [...]


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Dodge me-Space

Took me a while to make, but i love it.Every 50 seconds, when the bomb appears u [...]

Crazy Eights

Classic Card game for 4 players. Be the first player to play away all your cards [...]


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Pyramid Klondike

Combine 2 cards to a total value of 13 and try to remove all cards. King: 13 (ca [...]


You play with the ball.The ball mustn't get behind the player. The player s [...]


Fun classic Mahjongg games with a huge load of levels: 300. Remove all tiles fro [...]

A vida não é nada sem Berenice

Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Berenice, use os botões direciona [...]

Scottish Solitaire

Play 10 levels in this Scottish themed Golf Solitaire game. Try to remove all ca [...]

Shanghai Dynasty

Classic Mahjong Game with also a kids version. Try to remove all tiles by pairin [...]

A grande Uniquia

Embarque nessa aventura com a grande Uniquia pelo 7 mares! Use os botões di [...]

Berenice Triunfante

Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Berenice, nada pelos 7 mares em busca [...]

Jungle Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire set in the Jungle. Remove 2 free cards that have a total value [...]

Flower Garden 2

Find all the hidden letters in the Flower Gardens.

Little Unicorn

Embarque nessa aventura marítima com Unicorn, nada pelos 7 mares em busca d [...]