Dave”s Challenge

"I hope you're excited for my challenge!" -DaveW JumpA D MoveLeft [...]

Bates Manor

Haven Bates has recently inherited Bates Manor from their distant great Grandfat [...]

Snake-The Adventure

Kinda like snake, but adventure mode. Local save and HighScorewasd or arrows or [...]

FizzBuzz, the Interview Question

This is a program that runs the classic game FizzBuzz, and I was inspired to do [...]

Galaxy Destroyer

Este é um jogo não oficial que refizemos. Nele você deve destruir [...]

my super awesome game

Don't kill humans only zombies.Kill all the zombies you see.Try and not kil [...]

Mario 2

on the construct 2 arcade Mario is my first game and this is another one i made [...]

Anagh”s Mobile Quest

Anagh loves listening to music and playing mobile games. But he has lost the mob [...]


um ET que anda por uma rua para matar bichos e gelecassetas para mover(pra cima [...]

Zombie Killers

Zombies have invaded planet Earth. They have sucked up all of earth's essen [...]

Star Defender

fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfi [...]

Pig Physics

Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Physics Pig Phys [...]


Collect the Orbs to rack up MASSIVE amounts of Points and win the gameRun away f [...]

Battle of Geonosis

Droids are attacking on Geonosis. Defend as Obi-Wan Kenobi and return blaster fi [...]

Demon Shooter

Defeat demons and survive as long as you can!You can choose shotgun and rifle!Up [...]

Food Court

The year is 500,000 BC and you're a primitive Neanderthal kidnapped by adva [...]

Kieran”s platformer

a platformer game. platform your way to victoryarrow keys to movedouble jump ena [...]

Touch (22 in 1)

#Touch mechanics:#- Scrolling along X-axis- Scrolling along Y-axis- Scrolling al [...]

JAMB UTME English Game

JAMB Exam English Game. Practice real JAMB use of English past questions. the mo [...]


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