Classic transport puzzle game in HTML5. Push all the boxes to the goal marked wi [...]

Scotland Churches Trust Game

Edutainment game for kids to learn areas within a church. Used for Scotland Chur [...]


Experiência base pra construção de uma apresentação sob [...]

Bottle Cap Match

Fun match 3 game with bottle caps. Swap 2 bottle caps to match 3 or more of the [...]

ball battle

a 2 player 1 keyboard battle gameclick on instructions its that simple im not ty [...]

Add It Up

Goal of Add It Up is to select numbers that add up to the target sum. You only h [...]

Shape Defense

Gain points by destroying enemy shape, upgrade towers and don't let the sha [...]

Daily Binario

Every day new Binary Puzzles in 4 sizes: 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12. Use logic to [...]


50 levels of Mahjong Solitaire at the bottom of the Ocean. Combine 2 of the same [...]


In a near future humanity is at his lowest point... many years after defeating t [...]

Illuminate 1

Connect all the lamps to the main Battery to turn the lights on. Click/tap on a [...]


Grandma beats up Justin BieberFirst Construct 2 Game I've Ever Made.Fully F [...]

Illuminate 2

Connect the lamp to the main battery to turn it on. Click/tap on the wires or th [...]

Falling Star

My "first" game with Construct 2 ! (Made in 2 hours)You are a falling [...]

Hidden Classroom

Find all the hidden objects in the Classroom. Pinch or long tap/click to zoom in [...]


Save the planet from a Letal Virus invasion!!Use the mouse to play the game

Add It Up 2

Goal of Add It Up 2 is to select numbers that add up to the target sum. You only [...]


just click the spacebar duh... see what happensspacebar ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok [...]

Freecell Solitaire

Classic Freecell Solitaire game. All cards from 1 deck are dealt into 8 tableau [...]


collect the food parts ! simple game contains of five different levels. platform [...]